Somanabolioc Muscle Maximizer Bonuses

Saturday, 24 May 2014

1. Foot accompanies us through life

Foot accompanies us through life and its great architectural solved system is original and de facto irreplaceable. To look good, we care about your appearance that is "seen". Our sole and arch of the foot but cannot for the fact that most of the time is spent in storage and closed in shoes. As if it meant that he cannot see, do not need to devote as much care ... On the contrary! She deserves our care in particular. At the beginning of the second part we look at what is happening with our feet in the most common movement - walking. It is reported that the daily average person misses 10 to 15 thousand steps, which is not enough. How can we find out for you the condition of our feet, what are the most common diagnostic and some mistakes that we may encounter in practice? We'll of course also on the causes of flat and mention the consequences that may befall us if we are not in this part of the human body enough to care. Bio mechanics of the step cycle Bipedal walking, especially for the typical person from a bio mechanical point of view divides the swing phase (foot is moving over the surface) and phase support (support the weight of the body). Within this division fall another 3 phase taking place during the step cycle (you can find as well as various other division): Phase tread: heel touches the ground.

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