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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Proper nutrition for weight loss

Proper nutrition for weight loss, practical advice - "Eat right" - give us a recommendation from every TV screen, loudly uttered on the radio, it is strongly in books and repeatedly mentioned in magazines, newspapers, the Internet.

On this subject, removed a lot of programs and published a large number of publications. But among such a huge volume of information, various tips and tricks that are based primarily on scientific studies and medical research, often difficult to find the "truth" that can be applied to everyday life of the average citizen. Meanwhile, among the mountains to find a theory of practice having the right to be - sometimes it is necessary.

As someone interested in reading and culture of the past, I tried to look at the issue of proper nutrition with the position of our (in the generalized sense) ancestors. (For more information about proper nutrition is available here at Kyle Leon Scam) The answer came rather quickly. In the wise French great gourmets and connoisseurs of exquisite dishes, there is a faithful, albeit a little "dark" saying: "A man digs his own grave own jaws." In addition, it is mentioned, and another saying, "What have underpaid the butcher, the pharmacist overpay." Such utterances could not be accidental, their eye for detail and passed on from generation to generation, "polishing" and "honing" like jewels, making them "sharper", concise, precise.

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