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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lose weight and help traditional recipes

The first thing you face on arrival of the cold season, its stifling heat and high humidity. And despite the fact that the period from November to March is considered to be the most favorable for a holiday in Thailand when the temperature is 22-25 degrees Celsius and the minimum humidity! But as they say, Predictions and closeness made the business - in this weather a lot of drinking and barely eat.

A decrease in the amount of food consumed, as we know, the first step to weight loss. Lose weight and help traditional recipes. They are time-tested author portal "Sun Hands" Kyle Leon in the article "Recipes slimness of my grandmother's trunk or folk remedies for weight loss “shared personal experiences that helped her to get the desired proportions. Less is desirable not only because of the lack of air. Forgive me, Thai people, but I found the kitchen offered us a very monotonous, and therefore - quickly "bored." Specific sauce, added almost all the dishes, made me personally completely "turn away" from the local cuisine on the third day. Not saved and Japanese restaurants - seafood is also very easily got bored.

As a result, my daily ration was reduced to the maximum allowable minimum. For breakfast, I somehow forced myself to "swallow" a small portion of rice with boiled chicken without any sauces.

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