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Thursday, 10 October 2013

How to get rid of belly fat - get rid of belly fat on your mojo

If you have the right motivation, you can get rid of your belly fat. 's your motivation is a passion that can burn brightly, but once it starts fading, it can be difficult to kick-start ' mojo. ' if you are struggling to stay on track with your fat loss efforts, here are 5 tips to get back your mojo.

 1. Find a friend to run with someone else that is not only a great way to share a common goal, it is a great way to commit to your goals.

 2. This quiz Grab your iPod, put on headphones and thinking yourself up to the beat of your favorite tunes. has been a great way to lift yourself up and get the adrenalin going.

 3. Mix it if the idea of doing the same workout routine or eating the same foods over and over again is getting to you - time for a change. was the variety is the spice of life - the more you try diet and workouts , the better your chances of sticking to your fat loss routine.

 4. cheat your diet no one ever said you could not eat a piece of mud cake. spoil yourself occasionally break the usual - and enjoy that slice of cake. done that, and you add more spice to your mojo.

 5. Set a goal something to work towards, whether it is losing 8 pounds in 1 month, or just feeling fit and fantastic can be a great motivator. whenever you feel at least enthusiastic, remind yourself how amazing you'll feel when you get rid of your belly fat. late when you start eating healthy and working out - it'll usually be a day without it, it seems less fulfilling

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