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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lose body fat? ? yo-yo dieting? may be unrelated to your will-power

Are you a person who finds yourself in the middle of "losing weight" more often than enjoying it gone? Do you drop between 10 to 50 pounds from your frame only to find those pounds sneaking back like hobos hopping an early morning freight train? You are obviously not alone in this problem. And the good news is, it may not be a reflection of a lack of discipline that your fat loss resembling the motions during a working yo-yo. overt motivation is often a perplexing phenomenon.

Obviously it varies among individuals and others with varying degrees at different times in the same individual. Most of us have felt the peculiarity of being motivated to take action in the specific context of our lives while suffering an avoidance action in areas that need our attention. Much of the reason for this is connected with our contextualized value. but motivation is even subtler nuances. Its main catalyst falling way the needs of people avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.

This makes each of us either a predominantly "push" or "pull" people in regard to what motivates us to improve the condition of our lives. The theory, in fact, are moving away from what is perceived as a sensation is what gets us started toward positive change and moving toward what is perceived to be pleasant is what sustains our momentum. with a unique ratio of balance within each of us (all different contexts), it becomes plain to see how motivation surges and wanes. every one of us is at least partially and advance more motivated by the prospect of pain than pleasure.

This is why headlines are dominated by negative stories. It is said that when a newspaper carried a front-page headline saying "it was a beautiful, sunny day tomorrow", the headlines are ignored by passersby and the paper did not sell. we can readily predict what will happen if the same newspaper prints a front-page headline saying "with violent and terrible storm coming", it is leaving the newsstand. but what happens when our motivation becomes almost solely driven by the need to move away from the perceived pain? Moreover, what happens when the "driver" of motivation becomes wedged into our consciousness as part of our self-image?

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