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Thursday, 10 October 2013

High intensity cardio workout? The best bet for weight loss

When was the last time someone told you that a low intensity cardio workout is the best way to get maximum weight loss in the shortest possible time? I hear it from clients every day. Its about 5 minutes later I go to this little work in one form or another. now lets see why the leading sports conditioning trainers and fat loss coaches in the world recommend a faster trend in your midsection . might actually have been steered wrong all this time?

Everything you read in the last ten years is said that if you want to lose weight fast to slow and low intensity cardio workouts are the rule. whether you dare to buck the trend and make the new high-intensity interval of training all you will do is burn carbs and fat loss experience. right? wrong! whether you have come this far I know I have you interested in the possibility that there must be a better approach. there. high intensity interval training may be the next big thing. I promise you that if you keep reading you will never look at a treadmill in the same way again!

Firstly, what is "normal" slow, static, weight loss cardio workout orientated defined as? a low intensity cardio workout when you exercise at 60-65% of your max heart rate. 's your max heart rate can be most easily figured by subtracting your age from 220. for a man of 35 is the equation would look like. 220-35 = 185 max heart rate. Take the 60-65% fat burning recommendations and you will be shooting for a sustained heart rate of 120 beats per minute. whether it is a low intensity workout, then what is high intensity cardio workout? high intensity cardio is defined as exercise that gets your heart rate to 75% and up range. This can be done in a long do but not for very long and that's where the interval training part comes in between high intensity combined with a downshift gears to rest for 30 seconds to a minute before ramping it back up. go fast and then slower to catch your breath a bit.

So how exactly does HIIT burn more fat then the slow and low method? Again, another great question! Let me explain. low intensity cardio training burns about 50% fat for energy during a high intensity workout burns about 40% fat for energy. to the low intensity method is best right? Just wait. lets take the average walker doing cardio on the treadmill for 30 minutes. When they are done they have racked up a calorie burn of 160 calories. if 50% of the calories are fueled by fat and then they have 80 fat calories burned more then number two on the treadmill, you have mixed martial arts fighter making wind sprints at high intensity cardio style.

He makes a highly minutes and 30 seconds on a jog or a walk. He keeps it for 20 minutes, drenched in sweat and breathing like a freight train. about 20 minutes of HIIT she burned 350 calories. whether you get lower fat burning percentage of 40%, what do you have? What you have is 140 fat calories burned and in less time then the low intensity people. In reality, our people are in the shower HIIT we talk slow cardio workout while people are getting bored out of their minds looking for something to read on the treadmill.

The bottom line is that almost doubled your fat burning with high intensity cardio workout, and less time to boot. now see that in the long run you actually burn more calories throughout the HIIT fat then the regular style while you're doing it. about what the rest of the day? The fact of the matter is slow-low cardio workout only helps in weight loss while doing it. when you get off the treadmill that is all you get as far as weight loss goes after a few minutes of rest. Here is the clincher in the HIIT.

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